Exploring ‘Stranger in a Winter Night’ – A Novella in the Simulated World of Alpha Nine

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Delve into a world where reality blurs, and secrets are concealed in every snowflake. Our latest novella, “Stranger in a Winter Night,” takes you on a journey within the confines of the ‘Simulated World of Alpha Nine.’



Meet Laura Lewis, a 25-year-old graduate with dreams of publishing her novel. An unexpected opportunity arises for her to house-sit for her employer, Freya Adler, providing financial stability without rent concerns.

As winter tightens its grip, a stranger arrives on New Year’s Eve, claiming kinship with Freya Adler. Unable to verify their story due to time zone disparities, Laura faces a decision. Should she welcome the stranger or leave them in the cold of the winter night? The balance teeters between truth and deception.


Why ‘Stranger in a Winter Night’?

1. Unique Setting: Immerse yourself in the ‘Simulated World of Alpha Nine,’ where every moment is uncertain.

2. Tension and Suspense: Experience palpable tension as Laura grapples with the decision to trust a stranger. The novella weaves suspense, keeping you engaged.

3. Exploration of Choices: ‘Stranger in a Winter Night’ delves into the complexities of choices, trust, and consequences against a winter backdrop.


How to Read

Read “Stranger in a Winter Night” on katiaelson.com. Explore the secrets beneath the snowflakes and embark on a journey into a world where reality and mystery intersect.

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