Stranger in a Winter Night

Stranger in a Winter Night

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A novella, ‘Stranger in a Winter Night,’ stands alone as a spin-off set in the ‘Simulated World of Alpha Nine’ universe.

The story centers on Laura Lewis, a 25-year-old woman and the new secretary of Freya Adler.

Having just completed her graduate studies, Laura aspires to earn extra money during the holidays to publish her novel next year. When Freya Adler offers her the opportunity to stay and oversee the house while she is away, Laura accepts without hesitation. The well-paying job provides financial relief, she doesn’t need worry about rent.

As winter nights grow longer and colder, a stranger knocks on Laura’s door on New Year’s Eve, claiming to be a relative of Freya Adler. Unable to confirm due to time zone differences, Laura faces a dilemma. Should she invite the stranger in, or leave them out in the cold winter night? The uncertainty lingers – could they be lying, or are they telling the truth?

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